Transforming A School: Nature for Children

We are fundraising to forever transform a school and help it become ‘carbon negative & wildlife positive’

We need your help to raise funds for a groundbreaking project which aims to forever change the look and feel of a school and deeply connect children to nature. All aspects of the project will be linked to curricula and fully resourced for children – but more than that, we aim for this project to serve as a catalyst to inspire a revolution to help schools become more wondrous and inspiring places.

Imagine our schools with wildflower meadows, wildlife ponds, full-scale working kitchen gardens, living walls, green roofs, wind turbines, solar energy generation, butterfly-banks, camera-connected bird and bat boxes, nature inspired art and much, much more – all integrated into curricula with teacher resources…. we believe this is how all our schools should be, with our children immersed in the emotional and scientific majesty of nature.

The school sits in an area that is one of the most deprived wards in England scoring in the top-ten on the Multiple Social Deprivation Index. Children in this ward can expect to live almost ten fewer years than children in wealthier surrounding wards. What’s more the area is one of the worst affected in England for teacher shortages.

Find out how the money raised from this project can help schools become more wondrous and inspiring places.

Please help support this project in any way you can.

Thank you,
Jason West FRSA
CEO Educational Wealth Fund