Patrons and Supporters

Patrons and Supporters


Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE
Theoretical Physicist – Author – Broadcaster

“A national endowment fund for education is a great idea, and something we should all be supporting.”


Sir Paul Nurse FRS
Chief Executive of the Francis Crick Institute – Nobel Laureate

“For me, one of the prime functions of an education system should be to develop in our children, a sense of curiosity about the natural world. I’m pleased to support the Educational Wealth Fund, which aims to provide learning environments that are both wondrous and inspirational.”


Sir Tim Smit KBE
Co-founder, Eden Project Ltd

“The EWF is about more than subject or curriculum, it is about the single most important lesson for Homo Sapiens. Only through the provision of immersive experiences can a student appreciate the majesty of the interconnectedness of all things, while at the same time be taught humility. Environmental stewardship would become second nature once we understood that it’s everyone’s job to get our children to fizz about learning.”


Nicki Shields
Science Presenter – Broadcaster

“Providing our children with inspiring learning environments is a no-brainer. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen how Formula-E has completely redefined the boundaries and expectations of motor sport, and I am proud to support the EWF which seeks to do the same for education.”


Chris Packham
Naturalist, photographer, presenter

“The natural dramas seen on TV are certainly entertaining, but they are no substitute for direct, sensory encounters. Inspiring and emotionally rewarding experiences must be at the heart of our education system, especially if we are to seriously address the challenges set out in the United Nation’s goals for sustainable development. I’m pleased to support the Educational Wealth Fund which aims to forever make this a reality.”


Professor Saiful Islam FRSC
Materials Chemist – Royal Institution Christmas Lecturer

“I support the vision of the Educational Wealth Fund to enable our schools to become awe-inspiring places for our children and their teachers.”


Ian Kelly
Historical Biographer – Playwright – Actor

“Inspiration and belonging are fundamental to our children’s wellbeing and mental health, for the future of our culture and society. An Educational Wealth Fund strikes me as a major contribution in securing access to opportunity and excellence for all.”


Lord Martin Rees OM FRS
Astronomer Royal

“It’s crucial that a child’s fascination with the natural world – tadpoles, dinosaurs and space – is nourished rather than stifled as they get older. The Educational Wealth Fund deserves wide support, especially at a time when the squeeze on public funding has widened the gap with the more-privileged independent schools.”


Sarah Pinborough
Author – Novelist – Screenwriter

“Our school libraries should be the most wondrous of places, I fully support the Educational Wealth Fund in helping to make this happen – we’ve got to get our children to be inspired by books.”


Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE
Author – Explorer – Public Speaker

“A national endowment fund for education is a good idea and one that fully gets my backing.”


KT Tunstall
Singer – Songwriter

“When it comes to the education and wellbeing of children, I feel strongly that the creative arts should be supported and viewed with equal importance to other academic subjects. An inspiring and supportive environment is necessary to facilitate that, and I fully support the Educational Wealth Fund that aims to help make it a reality.”


Iain Standen FRSA
Chief Executive – Bletchley Park Trust

“As have most of us, I suspect that many of the codebreakers who worked at Bletchley Park during World War Two were at some stage inspired by a great teacher. In order to ensure that future generations are also inspired, it is vital that we continue to ensure the best people are encouraged into the teaching profession. I fully support the efforts of the Educational Wealth Fund to help make this happen.”


Peter Horrocks CBE
Vice Chancellor – The Open University

“Over the years I have seen first-hand the transformative power of education. An inspiring and life-affirming education should be seen as a right – not a luxury. I believe it’s vital we continue to be daring and innovative in the pursuit of this ambition and so I’m delighted to support the vision of the Educational Wealth Fund.”


Beanie Bhebhe

“It’s really important for young people to access music and the arts in schools. Music raises people’s aspirations and gives them an outlet. Without this, our students are being deprived of a well-rounded education, and valuable life experiences. I love what the EWF are setting out to do and I hope that this will bring a shift that our education system needs now, more than ever.”


Professor Andrea Sella
Writer – Broadcaster – Science Communicator

“Schools are places in the business of nurturing the minds of our future. This thoughtfully managed endowment fund will provide a powerful mechanism to enable the development of visionary educational resources, helping the children of our country to think and dream far beyond the limitations of their next exam.”

John Wallace CBE
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2002-2014

“Schools that embrace music subscribe to the notion of a wider learning environment in which children find out so much more about themselves, and what it is to be human – about collaboration, communication, creativity and, above all perseverance. I’m concerned by the narrowing focus within education more generally and so I’m delighted to be a supporter of the EWF, which will forever help our schools to become more joyful, and more creative places.”

the-very-revd- professor-martyn-percy-educational-wealth-fund-patron

The Very Revd Prof. Martyn Percy
Dean of Christ Church College, Oxford University

“The Educational Wealth Fund is an eminently good idea.”


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